15 Tried & Tested AP Lang Exam Tips to Pass Successfully

Before the date for the ap lang exam nears, students need to put in practical tips to ensure they excel. So, they need to get all the aspects to do the exam, the requirements, and an overall understanding of what they are supposed to do during the test day. From essays to literature analysis, https://domyhomework123.com/english provides top-notch English assignment assistance for students. This article will give you practical AP Lang exam tips and all the questions you have been asking yourself concerning the exam.

What is the AP Lang exam like?

The ap lang exam aims to test the student’s composition and rhetorical skills. It is simply a rhetorical analysis of how an author can construct a significant argument while writing, determining the tools they use in writing, and how a student can use the same approach to craft perfect writing.

The exam has two sections:

  • The first section has 45 questions with multiple-choice, and it usually takes 1 hour. The first section has five sets of questions based on a given passage. The questions revolve around rhetorical analysis and the ability of the student to answer them (23-25 questions). The other questions are composition questions that require the student to revise the texts given.
  • The second section will require the student to write three analytical essays, where students are given the first 15 minutes to read through, then 2 hours for writing the essays.

AP Lang exam practice: most popular questions

Now the AP lang exam is finally here. How well are you prepared to handle the paper? What are the questions running through your mind? And What tips are you using to ensure you succeed? Let us give the answers to some of the common questions below:

How hard is the AP Lang exam?

One aspect of Ap lang exams is that the score is a bit lower compared to other AP exams. However, the difficulty of the exams will depend on how a student is prepared, and the measures teachers have put in place.

How long is the AP Lang exam?

Generally, section 1 of the ap lang exam takes an hour while section two takes 2 hours and 15 minutes.

What to bring to AP Lang exam?

You will need the college board admission letter, an approved ID, the AP student pack, a watch, two pens (blue or black), and two pencils with erasers.

15 Last minute tips for AP Lang exam

Finally, the day for the ap lang exams is here; what are the last minute AP Lang exam tips you should consider?

  1. Understand essay writing requirements

The essay will be part of the exams, so ensure you master the art of writing essays and the approved formats.

  1. Try online quizzes

This is a perfect tip to help students develop their rhetorical analysis skills.

  1. Study in a group

Revising with others creates room for a better understanding of different aspects related to ap lang exams.

  1. Pack all the requirements in advance

You don’t want to step into an exam room only to realize you don’t have an approved ID or any other relevant requirements. Pack as early as possible and stay ready.

  1. Sleep well

The night before facing the exam, avoid staying in books for long to refresh your brain and give your body enough energy.

  1. Eat well

You need to step into the exam room while feeling energized and refreshed. Having a good and well-balanced meal is a perfect tip to improve concentration during the exams.

  1. Maintain positive thoughts

Keeping everything positive before the exam will give you the confidence to face the exams with courage as you anticipate nothing but the best.

  1. Start with easy questions

When starting your exam, avoid focusing on questions you don’t understand. Be sure to answer the easy questions first to improve your score.

  1. Read a lot

Consider reading things you like as a way of enhancing your vocabulary.

  1. Know how to manage time effectively

Since the exam is timed, you need to ensure you cover many questions, if not all, before running out of time.

Some extra tips for your 100% success:

  1. Know the exam location in advance
  2. Avoid meals that will crash your tummy
  3. Focus on the test instead of thinking of the results
  4. Avoid thinking of the test once it is over
  5. Do some breathing exercises when feeling anxious


If you are almost doing your ap lang exam, try and incorporate the above tips as you prepare to stay calm, relaxed, and ready to face the exams with confidence.

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