What to Do the Night Before the Exam: Study Hacks and Tips

The final day to prove that you have been studying has finally come. It is the night before an exam; you have studied, done assignments revised your notes, and complied with homework and all academic assignments. Now, it is about time to stay cool, prepare yourself physically and emotionally, and be ready to step into the exam room and do your best.

Although the moment can be full of mixed reactions such as excitement, anxiety, or scared of facing the paper, you are now wondering should I study the night before an exam? What should I do the night before exam to ensure I excel? Well, if you are almost doing your final exam or any exam that is coming ahead, keep reading to know if studying the night before an exam is a perfect tip or not.

What to do night before exam: last minute exam study tips

Of course, when the exam day is finally set, every student looks forward to doing their best to ensure they achieve their end goal of doing an excellent job, as they look forward to moving to the next step or graduating. The following tips will help a student know what to do the night before an exam to ensure everything falls in place.

1. Get enough sleep

One mistake some students make is staying awake and studying the night before an exam. However, getting enough sleep is a perfect way to give your body enough strength and energy, especially to process new information. As much as studying is concerned, plan the time so that you sleep early, then wake up and do some study. At this point, the brain is fresh, relaxed, and ready to process new information.

2. Eat well the night before examination

Of course, you cannot face an examination on an empty stomach since this will affect your concentration. However, eating well the night before the exam doesn’t mean eating anything to fill up your tummy or overeating whatever is available. Be sure to consume a balance of carbs, fats, and proteins, and don’t forget water, taking note of the portion size.

3. Visualize positive results

While preparing yourself the night before the exam, try and visualize positive results always. Positive visualization is a mental tool most successful people use to perceive nothing but the best out of what they are about to do. So, as a student, see yourself in a way that you have already done the exam and excelled. Such visualizations often turn out to become realities.

4. Check the things to will need during the exam

The last thing you can face as a student is stepping into an exam room only to realize that you don’t have papers, pens, pencils, and such requirements. As you prepare the night before exam, ensure you countercheck all the requirements and put them in one place to avoid commotion that will lead to confusion.

5. Avoid distractions when studying the night before an exam

As you go through some of your notes, make sure you create a conducive environment, perfect for studying, as this will enhance your concentration. Also, try and avoid social media when revising and studying; this could easily shift the focus, and you will end up wasting time.

6. Study with a friend

Studying with your friend who has similar goals and objectives enhances understanding and concentration. Besides, joint efforts while studying can lead to a constructive discussion, and you can ask questions and get instant answers.

7. Examine / Quiz yourself

The night before the exam, try and set some questions as you answer them without referring to books or researching. This will enable you to realize your weak areas and where to put more strength while preparing for the exam.


When the exam moment arrives, students often panic and wonder how the whole issue will pass. However, staying calm with a relaxed mind and doing the right thing is the secrete to handling the exams effectively.